Keynote: Jesse Engel

12:00-13:00 on Tuesday, 3rd September

P350 Lecture Theatre, Parkside

Magenta is an open source research project exploring the role of machine learning as a tool in the creative process. Our work spans the gamut of pure machine learning research, building devel- oper tools, and using those tools to create new musical instruments and interactions for creatives. In this talk, I will give an overview of a variety of our projects in the realm of polyphonic transcription (Onsets and Frames, MAESTRO, Wav2MIDI2Wav), composition (Mu- sicVAE, GrooVAE, Music Transformer), and audio synthesis (NSynth, GANSynth, RT-NSynth, DDSP). I will also integrate our work on making models adaptive to users in real time (Latent Constraints, MIDI-Me), and implemented in hardware and software platforms (NSynthSuper, magenta.js, Magenta Studio, Fruit Genie). Finally, I’ll conclude with a discussion of future directions and lessons learned.

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