Poster Session 2

11:00-12:00 on Wednesday, 4th September

The Shell, Parkside

NMF Toolbox: Music Processing Applications of Nonnegative Matrix Factorization
Patricio López-Serrano, Christian Dittmar, Yigitcan Oezer and Meinard Mueller
An FPGA-Based Accelerator for Sound Field Rendering
Yiyu Tan and Toshiyuki Imamura
Synthetic Transaural Audio Rendering (STAR): a Perceptive Approach for Sound Spatialization
Eric Méaux and Sylvain Marchand
Data Augmentation for Instrument Classification Robust to Audio Effects
António Ramires and Xavier Serra
Time Scale Modification of Audio Using Non-Negative Matrix Factorization
Gerard Roma, Owen Green and Pierre Alexandre Tremblay
Visualaudio-Design – Towards a Graphical Sounddesign
Lars Engeln and Rainer Groh
A general-pupose deep learning approach to model time-varying audio effects
Marco A. Martínez Ramírez, Emmanouil Benetos and Joshua D. Reiss.