Poster Session 1

11:00-12:00 on Tuesday, 3rd September

The Shell, Parkside

Real-Time Implementation of an Elasto-Plastic Friction Model using Finite-Difference Schemes
Silvin Willemsen, Stefan Bilbao and Stefania Serafin
Improving Monophonic Pitch Detection Using the ACF And Simple Heuristics
Carlos de Obaldía and Udo Zölzer
A Real-Time Audio Effect Plug-In Inspired by the Processes of Traditional Indonesian Gamelan Music
Luke Craig and R. Mitchell Parry
Exploring audio immersion using user-generated recordings
Daniel Gomes, Joao Magalhaes and Sofia Cavaco
Analysis and Correction of Maps Dataset
Xuan Gong, Wei Xu, Juanting Liu and Wenqing Cheng
Optimization of audio graphs by resampling
Pierre Donat-Bouillud, Jean-Louis Giavitto and Florent Jacquemard
Keytar: Melodic control of multisensory feedback from virtual strings
Federico Fontana, Andrea Passalenti and Stefania Serafin
Statistical Sinusoidal Modeling for Expressive Sound Synthesis
Henrik von Coler